UMass Women Into Leadership

As a graduate student, I play an administrative and organizational role in the University of Massachusetts Amherst’s UMass Women Into Leadership (UWiL). My role is to teach a seminar session on the gender gap in politics, organize activities like field trips, assist in fundraising organization, and help to facilitate the annual conference via leading panel discussions and making closing remarks.

UWiL is a professional development program and networking opportunity, and aims to prepare a select set of women for a career in public leadership.UWiL provides students with a set of hands-on workshops at UMass Amherst organized around:

  1. Consciousness raising around gender disparities in public service
  2. Leadership training
  3. Mentoring and networking, including internship opportunities

In addition to providing me with experience and knowledge in developing, organizing, and funding a program for student achievement, UWiL has provided me the opportunity to help an extraordinary set of young women to understand political problems relevant to their experiences and prepare them for leadership roles in their careers.

Please click HERE for a copy of my closing comments for the 2019 Workshop.


Screen Shot 2018-03-25 at 7.54.03 AMRunning a panel at the 2018 Workshop